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Signature Dresser With Changing Table

Org Price: $674.00
Sale Price: $288.00
Brand: Dorel Fine Furnishings
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The Signature Dresser and Changing Table Topper Kit is a practical new space-saving solution designed to work with our Signature Dresser. The topper allows you to create a safe and comfortable changing station for your baby that will accommodate a standard changing pad - right on the top surface of your dresser! Parents benefit from the convenience of a dresser and changing table all in one - an ideal combination for today’s busy Moms. Signature Changing Table Topper Kit and Dresser sold separately.

Materials and Construction

Particular attention is paid to preserve the integrity of each of our fine wooden creations. This Signature Dresser With Topper Kit is made with solid rubber wood, aspen, beech, MDF and select basswood veneers. The result is a timeless piece that promises to bring warmth and nostalgia to your nursery.

The rubber tree is best known for its sap – latex being the main ingredient in the production of natural rubber. The tree also yields a hardwood that is valued in the manufacture of furniture due to its dense grain and attractive color. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly wood, since the rubber is only felled after a 26-30 year latex production cycle, unlike trees cut solely for the production of lumber.

Often used in the construction of musical instruments, cabinetry and decorative moldings, the properties of aspen are ideal for making furniture. Aspen wood is straight-grained, fine and uniformly textured making the process of staining, turning and carving the wood exceptional. This is also true of basswood, while beech is excellent for furniture as well.

MDF is a custom wood product that is valued for its strength and resistance to splitting. It is flexible and shapes well, providing endless design possibilities that can sustain paint and veneers beautifully. Some composite woods were employed in the design of this unit.

Care and Cleaning Instructions

Simple care and cleaning habits at home keep your furniture in shape and extend the life of your purchase so that it can be enjoyed for years to come. We recommend regularly dusting your items with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth that won’t scratch the surface. The application of furniture polish isn’t necessary and we strongly recommend that you avoid using any solvents. However, should you choose to, it is best to test an inconspicuous area first. Exposure to direct sunlight and humidity may cause wood to warp, shrink or split – any extreme change in temperature can adversely affect wood furniture.


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